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Monday musings

Started a post yesterday about Father’s Day, but was interrupted by…a father: my younger son. I am so proud of my sons for the kinds of fathers they’ve become, so thoughtful, and loving. My own father, dead for 35 years, … Continue reading

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Naming the problem

A beautiful, bright day here in the Bay Area, where thousands of people are mourning the victims of the Orlando Pulse Club massacre. It’s all too horrible and familiar–the outrage, the weeping, the posturing by political candidates, the dual stereotyping … Continue reading

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Redwoods forever

In the late afternoon, rising winds blow fog hovering along the coast through the Golden Gate, across the bay, and into South Berkeley, where we live. The light turns white, intermittently at first, shadows flickering; eventually fog covers the sun … Continue reading

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What they don’t tell you about old age

Greetings to all my long-lost blogging friends. I’m sorry to have gone silent for such a long time. I hope some of you are still out there. They say 55 is the new middle age, but when you get to … Continue reading

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