Thankful it’s over

This morning I’ve been reading various posts about thankfulness and gratitude and trying hard to participate in those feelings, but I have to say, this is not one of those days.  I’m tired, getting a cold, worried about one of my cats, sore, achy, weepy, and sour.  The only thing I feel thankful for is that Thanksgiving is over.  Too much food,  too much noise, way too much work, and much too much social interaction.  Really, this is one of those days I ‘d like to go off and be a hermit.

It’s not that anything bad happened. I did much less of the cooking and cleaning up than usual.  Nobody got drunk and obnoxious–no one but my son-in-law drank at all, and he only a couple of bottles of ale.  The four children behaved as one would expect of house-bound children deprived of their usual games–rowdy and loud–but they had very few arguments, didn’t spill pomegranate cider on the carpet, broke no plates, and bashed no holes in the wall sliding down the stairs. Nevertheless, I felt battered and exhausted and wanted everyone to leave much sooner than they did.

What’s wrong with me, anyway?  I used to enjoy these things; lately, the well of conviviality seems to have run dry.  All I want is to be alone most days–to read, write, putter, watch movies, daydream, look at twittery little brown birds collecting twigs from the grape vine, the huge leaves of my neighbor’s banana tree swaying in the wind, the sun glancing off the pink Mexican dahlias.  Interacting with other people feels like work.

Ah well, this too shall pass. The turkey carcass is in the pot with parsley and onions, carrots and celery, and the house is filling with delicious smells. Tomorrow morning I’ll strain it, sort out the turkey bits and dump them back in the broth, throw in some barley and a rutabaga or two, and we will have soup for dinner with some good crusty bread. I don’t have to see anyone but my husband until Sunday, don’t even have to answer the phone.  A little sleep, a little vitamin C, and I’ll be a different woman, a bit worn around the edges, but not yet ready for recycling.

A very happy day after Thanksgiving to you all. I hope it was a sober one.

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One Response to Thankful it’s over

  1. Lisa Neumann says:

    Susan, I laughed when I saw you title. I can relate. Hang in there. By the time you see that I read this and commented you will probably be long past your feelings. Either way, I appreciate your honesty. Lisa

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