Dreaming big

Cooler today, and rain clouds moving in.  The little man in the raincoat has stepped outside his Bavarian cottage and his good frau has retreated indoors–a sure sign of wet weather on the way.  I don’t actually need Herr Raincoat to tell me, as my joints have been giving weather alerts since yesterday morning, aching in the places where I used to play, as Leonard Cohen would say.

So odd to look out the window at red autumnal leaves on the west fence and spectacular bright pink Mexican dahlias to the rear. Nature gets very confused in California.  Ah, here’s the rain now, great splattery drops on the roof.  The floor of my car will become sodden as usual from a leak I haven’t been able to find for three years.  If it’s a wet winter, I may have to break down and ask George the mechanic to find it for me, a horrifying thought given the rates mechanics charge, but I’d hate for the interior to get covered with mildew.  Or I could just open the sun roof, pour in a little soil and grow carrots, like that children’s book, Old MacDonald Had An Apartment House, where the super grows vegetables on the 4th floor.

Widespread relief in the Bay Area at Obama’s election. There’s little support here for today’s Republican Party. Will he take more risks this time, be less willing to conciliate, more willing to fight for an equitable society, a just world? He was elected with a popular vote margin of more than 3 million, greater than that of Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, or Bush2–hardly the claw to the top expected by the media pundits.  What he does with that mandate in his second and final term will tell us who he really is.

Encouraging signs: four more women were elected to the Senate, bringing the total to 20, an all-time high; three states approved same-sex marriage; two states legalized marijuana–a blow to the war on drugs that has made the US incarceration rate one of the highest in the world; Colorado and Montana overwhelmingly rejected Citizens United, bringing to 11 the total number of states that have passed resolutions against it; misogyny, in the persons of Indiana Senate candidate Mourdock (pregnancy from rape is God’s will) and Missouri Senate candidate Akin (“legitimate rape”), suffered a resounding defeat.

A friend who called just now said, “I guess we can hope a little, huh?”  Hope a little, dream a lot.

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4 Responses to Dreaming big

  1. …it sounds like a whisper.

    I adore Tracy.

    I was really interested to hear that not only did Hawaii elect a female to Senate: but she is our first Asian-American Senator and our first Buddhist Senator.

    Your photos are beautiful as usual Susan. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Totally off topic Susan… But do you remember the author you mentioned a couple months ago who wrote about that feeling if spiritual apathy? I don’t remember the name or the term, but wanted to tell a friend about it. That feeling of blah, not necessarily depression but not wanting to engage, to care, to participate…? Do you remember what I’m talking about?

    That “feeling” seems to be on many minds lately.

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