Tangled webs

An absolutely splendid fall day, and the orb-weavers are out in force in my postage stamp garden. If the sun isn’t on their webs just right, I walk right into them, which must be  irritating but not tragic for the spiders, as I read somewhere they eat the old web toward evening and build a new one the next morning. Here’s one I photographed this morning that’s over two feet in diameter–if you click on it to enlarge it a bit, you can just make out the artist awaiting his prey:

Orb-weaver’s web

This morning my garden also featured Vinnie, my neighbor’s cat, amidst the grape vine and the ironwood tree. Vinnie hangs out in our yard most of the day and chases off other neighborhood cats, which means our cats don’t have to, thus saving us many dollars we might otherwise have to spend on infected wounds and torn ears.  Thank you, ever vigilant Vinnie!


Unfortunately, Vinnie is not up to chasing off the car thieves currently targeting our neighborhood, who night before last broke into our next door neighbor’s car to rifle her glove compartment, and stole the truck of the cabinet-maker across the street.  And yesterday, a neighbor on the street above us was taking her groceries into the house at two in the afternoon and came back out to find her car gone. We’re praying our cars are not worthy of their attention, having already lost four family cars to thieves in the years we’ve lived in the area.  We have theft insurance, but buying a replacement used car is a lengthy and tedious process we’ve experienced way too often, not just for stolen cars, but also for ones totaled in accidents.  It’s really quite amazing anyone will still give us insurance.

Americans and our love affair with the car, clogging the roads, polluting the air, paving the planet.  In our family, We Do Our Part! And it contributes so to our happiness and well-being!  Here’s Get Set Go to tell it like it is:


I had an appointment with my Feldenkrais practitioner this morning, who left me feeling easier in my body and thinking more about the  impending US presidential election. Feldy guy thinks the Obama administration has done a miserable job of communicating its accomplishments. The editorial in the latest New Yorker says more or less the same thing, and lists them.  Feldy guy told me about a comment he read by a radical Republican pol who said it was really their last chance to do anything: the demographic shift the country is undergoing will not favor the views of the right wing of the Republican Party.  But if only they can get their guys elected this time around, they can make changes in regulatory areas, health care, Social Security and Medicare, tax codes, and the Supreme Court that it will take generations to undo. I have not been enthusiastic about either major party for a long time, being a lot further left of center than those ‘socialists’ in the Democratic Party, but this sounds to me like a good reason to vote Democratic.

Or I should say, another good reason.  I know to many this may seem quite tangential to the topics of alcoholism and recovery, but the goals we aspire to as a society have an impact on all who live here and all who are affected by our country’s policies. In the words of the New Yorker, “Romney, despite his pose of chiselled equanimity, has pledged to ravage the safety net, oppose progress on marriage equality, ignore all warnings of ecological disaster, dismantle health-care reform, and appoint right-wing judges to the courts.” He belongs to a party that has taken every opportunity to exclude African Americans, Hispanics, and the poor elderly from voting. He belongs to a party that opposes abortion under any circumstances, even rape or maternal risk of mortality. He belongs to a party that believes in freedom for the rich to grow richer but not in responsibility to those in need.

We live in a country that has sky-high homicide and suicide rates among our young, out-of-control spousal and child abuse, soaring rates of drug addiction and alcoholism, and the highest incarceration rates in the world, disproportionately people of color.  Something is very wrong here, and every indicator of societal well-being is telling us so. We need to think very carefully who might make some effort to help, and who will surely stand in the way.

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One Response to Tangled webs

  1. eelamni says:

    We’re watching your election with interest in Australia. What happens in the U.S. has an impact on us too.

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