Burgeoning life

Photo credit: AP/Moises Castillo

Such dramatic images from the volcanic eruption in Guatemala.  When Mt. Saint Helens  in Washington erupted in 1980, the ash floated all the way down here to San Francisco.  My husband and I visited the site a few years later–whole forests lay parallel and bare like matchsticks, blown down and denuded by the hot winds the eruption generated.  Already, tiny little plants were growing, celebrated in an announcer’s  exultant voice as “burgeoning life”  in the film at the Visitors’ Center, triumphal music rising in the background.  It was a lot like a 1930s propaganda film for the National Socialists.

Started on a walk around our hill yesterday afternoon, but got into such pain I had to come home, despite loading with ibuprofen and all my other lotions and potions and using my cane.  So this morning, I made one sortie to my neighborhood shopping area, where I got two completely delicious croissants so fresh from the oven they were still hot, and now am home for the day.  I’ll read, cook, putter, do my exercises, maybe sit out in the garden a bit, though it bothers me how run down it is.  Looking out the window now, I see sprawling lemon verbena that needs trimming, an herb spiral that looks like a rock dump, two-foot high brown crab grass in the corner, and Vinnie, the sleek black cat from up the hill, who adds a sorely needed decorative touch.

Sparkling blue and beautiful today, now that the fog’s burned off.  White moths are fluttering around the grape vine, an occasional white gull glides by overhead, and a dozen or more crows are circling the neighborhood in search of whatever it is crows search for.  This morning, when I was still half asleep, I heard Canada geese honking their way across the sky.  September.  Even in coastal California, autumn’s on its way.

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3 Responses to Burgeoning life

  1. hi sswl,
    how lovely to read your posts—you write so well. Calif is so far away from where I live but i have hiked thru some of the john Muir wilderness then summitted Mt. Sil. What an amazing place.
    be well,

  2. Imogen says:

    Reading this post makes me feel so peaceful, I love how you notice all the little things around you. Do you know much about geese? I saw a flock of them flying V-shaped across the sky yesterday, heading north! Continuing in this way, they would be flying towards Inverness and then the North Sea. I wonder where they are going??

    • sswl says:

      Took me a minute to realize you were talking about Inverness in Scotland, as we have one here on the California coast, no doubt named after yours, and I was asking myself why the geese would end up over the North Sea if they flew toward (our) Inverness. Really, I have no idea why they’d do either one at this time of year. I thought they were supposed to fly south for the winter. Maybe they were just looking for the right wind current?

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